Double Ended Oasis Sprays

Double ended oasis sprays are available in any colour. These floral tribute's price's start from £60.00. They are roughly 3FT Long. Size of a double ended spray may vary depending on the request of flowers used. The flowers are a mixture of whatever choice you request or you can leave it up to our florist choice and colours suitable for lady or gentleman. 

There are many designs and colours to choose from, please see a few photo's listed below.

Like any tribute we can include silver letters on a ribbon sash saying any name, for example Grandad, and can be sprayed to your required colour also.

Upto 10 silver letters are free of charge. 


Pink and white Double Ended oasis spray. £60.00

Lilac and Pink Double ended oasis spray. £

Red and white rose double ended oasis spray. £100.00

Please note price's may vary due to seasonal time's.

Mixture of White flowers with a hint of red Double Ended oasis spray. £120.00

Red and white Double Ended oasis spray. £80.00