Cushions are in a variety of different sizes. 12", 15", 18" and 21". They can be made in any colour and ribboned or foliage edging is also available. Silver letters are available to be included for no extra charge upto 10 letters. Bespoke designs and personal designs can also be made.

12" Cushion from £50.00

15" Cushion from £65.00

18" Cushion from £82.50

21" Cushion from £120.00

12" Bespoke Based cushion and foliage edging. White Rose and pinecone spray. Grandad on Silver letters on a hessian sash across the cushion. From £50.00

(Upto 10 silver letters are free of charge) 

15" Bespoke Based cushion in pale blue and white.- From £65.00

18" Based Cushion- Yellow ribbon edging with yellow, lemon and bear grass sprays- From £82.50