Crosses are available in a variety of sizes and can be made to your prference of colour and style. We also do Eco friendly designed crosses for funerals that require this service. Crosses can be foliage or ribbon edged in any colour.

2FT Cross £60.00

3FT Cross £90.00

4FT Cross £120.00

5FT Cross £150.00

6FT Cross £180.00

2FT Based Cross. Royal blue ribbon with white and blue flowers. £60.00

2FT Cross- Royal blue ribbon edge, with purple and white flowers. - £60.00


4FT Cross Loose design with yellow and white flowers. Foliage edging. - £120.00

5FT Cross Loose design, purple, orange and white flowers. Foliage edging. - £150.00

4FT Cross. Bio degradable Cross for a burial funeral. This cross is specifically designed for funerals that are Eco friendly, with plants planted inside the cross.- £120.00